Die 1001 Nacht Erzählungen

The 1001 Nights Tales

"1001 Nights" is a collection of Arabic tales, also known as "Arabian Nights". The collection contains thousands of stories added by various authors over the centuries. The most famous story within the collection is that of Sinbad the Navigator, who made seven adventurous voyages.

The collection was composed in Persia in the 9th or 10th century and was later translated into many languages. It is considered one of the most important works of Islamic literature and has also had a major influence on literature and art in the western world.

The stories of "1001 Nights" take place in the fictional city of Baghdad and deal with kings, princes, sorceresses and other fantastic characters. Packed with adventure, magic and intrigue, they are often hailed as timeless classics that capture the reader's imagination and imagination.

Originally written in Arabic, the collection consists of several volumes, each containing hundreds of stories. Some of the most famous stories within the collection are:

  • The story of Sinbad the Sailor is about a wealthy merchant named Sinbad who lives in the fictional city of Baghdad. Sinbad has made seven adventurous journeys, encountering all kinds of dangers and meeting many interesting people and places.

    On his first journey, Sinbad ends up on an island where he is captured by giants. However, he manages to free himself and return home with the help of a magical plant.

    On his second voyage, Sinbad is stranded on an island inhabited by monsters. He manages to escape from the island with the help of a flying kite.

    On his third voyage, Sinbad is captured by pirates and sold. He is bought by a rich merchant who keeps him as a slave. However, Sinbad manages to free himself and return home.

    On his fourth voyage, Sinbad is caught in a terrible storm and stranded on an island inhabited by giant spiders. He manages to free himself with the help of a magic potion and return home.

    On his fifth journey, Sinbad is captured by a giant and taken to his castle. Sinbad manages to outwit the giant and return home.

    On his sixth voyage, Sinbad gets caught in a battle between two islands and is captured by a giant. He manages to free himself and return home.

    On his seventh and final journey, Sinbad is captured by a giant and taken to his castle. Sinbad manages to outwit the giant and return home.

    By the end of the story, Sinbad is rich and happy and is hailed as one of the greatest seafarers of all time.

  • The story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp is about a poor street boy named Aladdin who lives in the fictional city of Baghdad. Aladdin lives with his mother and has no father. They are very poor and have to work hard to make ends meet.

    One day Aladdin meets a sorceress who promises him a magic lamp that can grant him wishes. The sorceress tells Aladdin about a treasure he can win with the lamp and gives him precise instructions on where to find the lamp. Aladdin is skeptical at first, but the prospect of wealth and power is tempting, so he decides to take the lamp.

    The sorceress sends Aladdin to find the lamp. He travels the country's deserts and eventually finds the lamp in a cave guarded by monsters. Aladdin rubs the lamp and a Djinn appears who will grant all his wishes. Aladdin uses the lamp to transform himself into a rich and powerful prince, thereby gaining people's respect.

    He is also noticed by the princess and wins her heart. The princess and Aladdin fall in love and want to get married, but the sorceress who gave Aladdin the lamp wants her back. She sends her assistant to steal the lamp, but Aladdin and the Djinn manage to outwit her and recover the lamp.

    At the end of the story, Aladdin marries the princess and lives happily ever after. He uses his new powers to do good and protect his country from danger. People worship him and call him "Aladdin the Magic Lamp Hero".

  • The story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves is about a poor lumber merchant named Ali Baba who lives in the fictional city of Baghdad. One day, while traveling through the forest, Ali Baba observes a group of robbers entering and exiting a cave. Ali Baba notices that the robbers use a mysterious command to open and close the cave and remembers it.

    Later, when Ali Baba goes gathering wood again, he decides to explore the thieves' cave. He uses the mysterious command to open the cave and discovers a huge treasure there. Ali Baba takes as much gold and jewels as he can carry and returns home.

    When the robbers find out that someone has stolen their treasure, they send a group of men to find and kill the thief. They follow Ali Baba's footprints to his house and ask him if he has seen any of the treasure. Ali Baba pretends not to know and the thieves believe him.

    But the robbers are suspicious and decide to visit Ali Baba again. This time they make a surprise attack and break into Ali Baba's house. However, Ali Baba and his family manage to outwit and kill the attackers by stuffing them in sacks and throwing them onto the street, where they are kicked by a herd of donkeys.

    At the end of the story, Ali Baba becomes rich and happy and lives the rest of his life in prosperity.

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